Image may contain: hill station, sky and outdoor (2021)

Image may contain: hill station, sky and outdoor (2021) is a visual essay that explores issues related to digitalisation, data colonisation, surveillance capitalism and the impact of computer technology on (human) nature. The film brings together visual themes such as the forest as a living biological network, mycorrhiza (the symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi), the network-like fiber structures of nanocellulose (used in tissue engineering processes) and fantasies of neural network development (an emerging field of computer sciences that powers the development of artificial intelligence). The work is presented as a video installation – projected on a wall custom-made of industrial grade cellulose.

The installation has been part of the exhibition Fra Skog til Google that took place at Skiens Kunstforening ­– as part of Greenlightdistrict 2021 (an art festival that focuses on topics such as industry, nature and environmental protection).