Pixel Pitch (2019-ongoing)

Pixel Pitch is a series of immersive, hypnotic video collages displayed on large-format LED screens. The project is a visual commentary on the ongoing global LED light-revolution that is quietly transforming our homes and cityscapes to a ubiquitous, interconnected, 24/7 flickering screen. The works explore the potential of architecture and technology as an apparatus to influence masses of people – leading to an industrial homogenisation of consciousness. Installed in a gallery space, the screens often challenge the audience to watch the videos at a closer than optimal viewing distance. The viewers (dis)ability to perceive cohesive images thus depends on their position in the room, as well as certain qualities of the displayed content. Compositions of light embodies fragments of information yet information is reduced to light – depending on the spectator’s position.

Pixel Pitch, vol. 1 (2019) is the first piece in this series. The 5:30 minutes long video collage features footage from China, which is the worlds most prolific producer of LEDs and has also the biggest market for this technology, that makes it the largest “playground” for developers of connected architectural LED lighting systems. 

Pixel Pitch, vol. 2 (2020) is the latest of the series. It features images related to mankinds increasing energy needs and the universal law of nature: entropy.