Pixel Pitch (2019-ongoing)

Pixel Pitch is a series of immersive, hypnotic video collages displayed on large-format LED screens. This ongoing, research-based project explores the relationship between economics and our environment, with a particular emphasis on light pollution and mankind's complex relationship with energy. The screens, which are approximately human height and lean against the wall, are approachable, yet could also serve as building blocks in large-scale advertising boards—and reference their role in the continuous, global flow of capital. Depending on one’s distance to this type of screen, the visuals it displays fluctuate between being legible as a coherent image and appearing as flickering pixels of artificial light. Compositions of light embodies information yet information might dissolve to fragments light—depending on the spectator’s position.

Pixel Pitch, vol. 1 (2019) is the first piece in this series. The 5:30 minutes long video collage features footage from China, which is the worlds most prolific producer of LEDs and has also the biggest market for this technology, that makes it the largest “playground” for developers of connected architectural LED lighting systems. 

Pixel Pitch, vol. 2 (2020) is the latest of the series. It features images related to mankinds increasing energy needs and the universal law of nature: entropy. The video interlaces image sequences pertaining to the abstract mechanics of industrial scale energy production, with clips of human scale motifs related to consumption.